A group of youths stole a car, and Juan — having the most experience in this sort of thing — was the one who climbed behind the wheel.

As they were speeding along, they came to an intersection where the light was red for them. Juan sped through the intersection without even lifting off the gas. After the others stopped screaming in panic, they demanded to know what Juan was doing.

“Don’t worry,” said Juan. “That’s the way my brother Humberto showed me how to drive.”

Soon enough they came to another red light, and just as before, Juan blew right through it.

After the screaming died down, Juan said, “Don’t worry! Humberto drives this way all the time.”

A couple blocks later, they came upon an intersection where they had a green light. Just as the crew of youths was breathing a sigh of relief, Juan slammed on the brakes, skidding to a violent stop just before entering the intersection.

“What the heck are you doing?!” demanded the others in his crew.

Juan said, “I had to stop, man. My brother Humberto might be coming the other way.”