During his morning rounds, a marine biologist at a major zoo noticed that the dolphins in the aquarium section were trying to get frisky, both with each other and with other sea life in their enclosure. Clearly, something had to be done before visitors started showing up in just a few minutes.

The zoo director had an idea: Put some seagulls in the enclosure to make it feel more like home.

As luck would have it, that year’s crop of seagulls had just fledged, and needed to be relocated out of the seagull exhibit. The only problem was, between the dolphin enclosure and the seagull exhibit was the lion’s den, and there was no time to detour around it if the birds were to be relocated before the zoo opened.

Wasting no time, the zoo director grabbed a trank rifle and shot the lions so he could take a short-cut across their pen to get the seagulls.

He raced across the lion’s pen, grabbed an arm-load of the young birds, and dashed back toward the dolphin enclosure, leaping over the tranquilized lions to ensure that he would make it on time.

And that’s when they arrested him for transporting young gulls across sedate lions for immoral porpoises.