Ad agencies in America and Europe have made the shocking discovery that the best approach to sell to white racist bigots is to feature non-whites and mixed-race couples prominently in all ads.

Once content to cast actors and models based roughly on the demographic make-up of the audience, ad agencies now almost exclusively feature non-whites in unrealistic socio-economic settings and racially and sexually improbable family groups.

“Our disproportionate portrayals of ethnic diversity help us sell the image that our products are superior, just like us,” says marketing expert Richard Dolezal Ph.D. of Anti-Type Marketing. Dolezal elaborated, “Alienating our core audience — or even just making them uncomfortable — is just a side benefit. What are they going to do, stop buying our products?”

Casting against type has long been a staple of Hollywood productions, which often feature brilliant black computer experts, children who are more wise than adults, and women who easily dominate men in physical contests.

Dolezal says modern marketing picks up these and other societal cues and extends them into every aspect of modern life. Even presidential candidate Joe Biden has recognized this trend.

Dolezal is also very excited about the new move to eliminate attractive and healthy-looking persons from all ads, replacing them with ugly, sickly, tattooed, mutilated, debauched, and/or morbidly obese actors. “Ideals and aspirations are for losers,” he said. “Once I can get the average consumer to associate products he likes with models and actors who repulse him, I will be able to sell anything to anybody.”

“That will teach those racists a lesson they’ll never forget,” he adds.