Tying your horse’s reins to a post does no good if you then remove the bridle.

When throwing your saddle over your horse’s back, do not let go. See Law of Inertia: a body in motion tends to remain in motion.

Forgetting to tighten the girth before swinging into the saddle gives you a whole new perspective of your horse.

Before using a crop to encourage your horse to move, be sure it is facing the direcftion you wish to go.

On a five mile long road with a single mud puddle in it, your horse will shy when you are most likely to fall in the puddle. Same for a single cactus in the desert.

It is a mistake to believe horses have no sense of humor. They think we are funny.

A neophyte rider need waste no time being concerned for his horse’s welfare. Your horse knows all about being a horse. Concentrate on your own well being.

Horses smell fear. Deodorant won’t help.