An Kansas farmer had a piece of creek bottom land that had never been developed. It was rocks and brush, and all messed up. He cleared the underbrush and hauled away the rocks, then cultivated the soil and planted a garden with every kind of vegetable. It flourished spectacularly and he was pretty proud of what he had done.

So one Sunday morning in church after the service, he asked the preacher to stop by and have a look. Well, the preacher arrived, took one look and said, “Oh, this is wonderful. These are the biggest tomatoes I’ve ever seen. Praise the Lord! Those green beans, that squash, those melons,” he said. “The Lord really has blessed this place, and look at the height of that corn,” he said. “God has really been good.”

As the old boy was listening to this he was getting more and more fidgety. Finally he blurted out, “Reverend, I wish you could have seen it when the Lord was doing it by himself!”